Getting Started Guide

“Let us show you how quick and easy it is to set up with our Getting Started Guide…”

STEP 1: Find a broker

  • If you do not already have a broker, check out our preferred broker. It only takes a few minutes to complete registration. However, the broker verification process takes longer.
  • Fund your brokerage account following the instructions provided by your broker.
  • When signing up for an account, low spread ECN account is recommended.

STEP 2: Subscribe to our Trade Copier signals

  • Pick which signals you wish to follow from our signals page.
  • Once you subscribe to a signal, you’ll be taken to that signal page to review the past performance. Click the green subscribe button to continue.
  • Next, you’ll see a “Subscription Review” page, select the currency and timeframe of your preference and then click “Next” to continue to set up your account.
    If you do not have an account, fill out the form with all your details and click “Next”. If you are an existing user, enter in your email and password and click “Login”.
  • Next, you’ll be taken to the payment page, enter in your payment details and click “Complete Signup”.
  • You’ll receive an email confirming your signup and additional Trade Copier setup instructions (which we will detail below in Step 3) and an order reference number for your records. 

STEP 3: Connect our Trade Copier

You should have received your Trade Copier instructions in your email shortly after registering. If you have not, check your spam folder. You can also view the instructions below:

Accessing Control Panel

The control panel runs as a separate web application from the existing portal. This control panel is used for managing all aspects of the trade replicator only. Any tasks such as managing billing or support are still performed on the main portal.

To access the control panel, please click the “Trade Replicator” option from the main menu. A new browser tab will then open which is the control panel.

To logout of the control panel, please click the icon located on the top right-hand part of the screen. A dropdown will appear that allows you to logout.


Once the control panel has loaded, you will be presented with a dashboard. If your account is not configured it will take you to the add Trading Account form (more on that below), if not it will display the overview dashboard.

This has 3 sections on it:

  • License Usage – These displays how many of the purchased licenses (connected trading account) that you are using.
  • Disconnected Accounts – This displays any trading accounts that are not connected for any reason. If you have accounts listed here that should not be, please contact support.
  • Recent Trades – This shows recent trading activity on the follower accounts. 

Trading Accounts

Upon loading, you will be presented with a list of follower trading accounts. Each item in this list has an expanded section that shows a list of Signals Followed. 

To add a new trading account, press the green + button on the top hand part of the screen. 

To add the trading account, complete all of the required information. The advanced settings have been hidden by default. 

To start following a new signal on an existing trading account, click the green + icon within the Signals Followed section for the trading account in question. Complete the information on the form that is presented to start following the signal. 

As with adding a trading account, this form has an advanced settings button to access expert configuration options. There are a number of control buttons for both Trading Accounts and Signals Followed. To understand the usage of each one, hover your mouse over them to get a description of functionality.

Recommended Settings:

Minimum Balance

Refer to our signals page for recommended balance for each signal.

Lot Sizing

Select “Trading Accounts” under your Trade Replicator. Under “Signals Followed”, you’ll see an edit button which will generate a pop-up box with several options on how to set your lot sizing.​

  • Fixed Lot Size – This will place trades of the specified fixed lot size.
  • Proportional by Balance – This will place trades of proportional size to the signal account trade when comparing account Balances.
  • Proportional by Equity – This will place trades of proportional size to the signal account trade when comparing account Equities.
  • Same as Signal – This will place trades of the exact same size as the signal account. If your balance is the same as the system, we recommend using this setting. Otherwise, we recommend proportional by balance or proportional by equity.

That’s it!

Once you’ve done these 3 easy steps, we’ll take care of every single trade moving forward from opening to closing!

Still Have Questions? Visit Our FAQs.